Door Hinges Residential Setting

Door Hinge Basics

Information on door hinges is a request we receive frequently. The first step is identifying the type of hinge you have or need. The most common hinges we sell are butt hinges that you would find in most homes. The next step is to figure out the size of the hinge which is the overall width x overall height of the hinge leafs.

The next step is whether it is a square corner or radius corner hinge. The two types

of radius are ¼” (similar to the rounding of a dime) and 5/8” (similar to a quarter).

Once the size and corner needed are established, we then have a metal choice. The most common hinges are steel hinges. Steel hinges are the least expensive and are available in most finishes. Solid brass hinges would be the next choice and are a non-ferrous option that prevents rusting. Solid brass hinges come in a wide variety of finishes as well.