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What function should I order?

Dummy, passage, and privacy door handle sets are all types of door hardware used for different purposes in residential or commercial buildings. Each type serves a specific function and has unique features. Here's an overview of the differences between them:

1.    Dummy Door Handle Set:
    • Dummy door handle sets are purely decorative and do not have a functioning latch or lock.
    • They are typically used on double doors or doors that do not require latching or locking, such as closet doors, pantry doors, or French doors.
    • Dummy sets consist of two handles or knobs (one on each side of the door) that are mounted to the surface of the door but are not connected to any internal mechanism.
    • They are often used for aesthetic symmetry and do not provide any security or privacy.

2.    Passage Door Handle Set:

    • Passage door handle sets are designed for interior doors that do not require locking, such as bedroom doors, hallway doors, or closet doors.
    • They have a functioning latch but no lock, allowing the door to be easily opened and closed.
    • Passage sets typically consist of two handles or knobs, a latch mechanism, strike plate, and screws for installation.
    • They provide ease of access and convenience but do not offer privacy or security.

3.    Privacy Door Handle Set:

    • Privacy door handle sets are used on interior doors that require privacy but not necessarily security, such as bathroom or bedroom doors.
    • They include a functioning latch and a locking mechanism that can be engaged from one side of the door to prevent unwanted access.
    • Privacy sets usually consist of two handles or knobs, a latch mechanism, an emergency release (for safety), and a privacy turn or button that can be turned or pushed to lock the door.
    • These sets are designed to provide privacy when needed but can be easily unlocked from the inside for safety.

In summary:

  • Dummy door handle sets are non-functional and decorative.
  • Passage door handle sets have a latch for easy opening and closing but no lock.
  • Privacy door handle sets have both a latch and a lock, providing privacy but not high-level security.